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Pinhole and Plastic Camera Show

  • Harvey Milk Photo Center 50 Scott Street San Francisco, CA, 94117 United States (map)

There is certain nostalgia and romance in the process of making images with Pinhole or Plastic cameras. They are low tech, slow to use, very simple and inexpensive. 
The very antithesis of digital photography, they employ no elaborate precision settings or lenses. 

Utilizing either a primitive plastic lens, or in the case of pinhole cameras, no lens at all, this photography is a product of traditional darkroom and film processes. 
The photographer must surrender the need for control and perfection, and exercise patience and plenty of trial and error.

The resulting images are a beautiful meeting between photographer, camera and a good measure of serendipity. They often include appealing flaws and a soft, dreamy view of our world. 


Clare Coppel, Donna L. Dodd, Ekey | Allison Ekevara Kitpowsong, Linda Forssman, Avril McHugh, Alex Mizuno, Robert Nishihira, Maja Pilipovic, Gordon Szeto, Hung Tran, Susanna Troxler, Terri Watters, Yelena Zhavoronkova

Earlier Event: June 5
Later Event: November 3